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Welcome to the GreerZone, the personal home page of Bruce Greer. Originally created in July 2002, this website is a work in progress. What you will find here is a collection of topics including the basic family stuff, along with my current interests, projects, activities, etc. There is also some info on Harwick, my former employer. You will find that some of the areas are only accessible by password.
greerzone videos on youtube inside stan hywet

 aerial photos of the akron area

hiking in utah october 2004

western trip 2005

portland trip september 2006

ethan's art work alaskan cruise august 2007
puerto rico escape march 2008 minneapolis weekend 2008
dc wedding december 2008 smokey mountains october 2008
cincinnati weekend 2009

western trip 2010

niagara falls weekend 2010 

charleston weekend 2011

hawaii trip 2012

bistro of green wine dinner 2012 

niagara falls weekend 2010 italy trip 2013 
  harvey's & ricque's wedding 2013 pittsburgh weekend 2013
thanksgiving 2013   memorial day weekend 2014
 new orleans trip 2014   scituate ma trip 2015
rhine river cruise 2015 (Sep 2015)  parkersburg weekend (Oct 2015)
scandinavia tour (Jul 2016) ireland tour 2016
 NEW danube river cruise (Apr 2017)  
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